Afsarwala (?) Mosque and Tomb Complex

Afsarwala Mosque & Tomb Complex.

Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb Complex
1803 Painting

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Mosque of Afsarwala


Tomb of Afsarwala


The mosque sits on a raised platform, to the southwest of Humayun’s Tomb. The tomb adjacent to the mosque is better preserved.
Though the identity of the person buried in the tomb is not known, it is popularly believed that he was some noble or military officer during the time of Mughal emperor Akbar.
But who knows it may be a name given in a later period and not the original name.
The interior of both mosque & tomb were once beautifully decorated, with the carved medallions still visible. However most of the decorations are now lost with time & even the plaster is now flaking away from the walls & roof.

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A reminder of the past

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A well decorated grave in the tomb of Afsarwala

The tomb is cruciform in plan and contains 6 graves, one of them inscribed with verses from the Koran & the number 974, which probably refers to the date in the Hijra era corresponding to AD 1566-67. Out of the 6 graves in the tomb- 1is principal the principal grave and 5 others. [1 is a females grave]).
The Afsarwala Tomb has a grave with the date 974 marked on it, that corresponds to 1566-67. (Akbars Period – 1542, to1605). The tomb and mosque were built sometime before 1566, based on the date is inscribed on one of the graves inside.
The building is of local quartzite with red sandstones.. The domes are topped by inverted-lotus filials. At one time perhaps their domes were covered with plaster & tiles, but now they have lost all artwork,
S.A.A.Naqvi’s writing in 1947 mentions unidentified graves in the courtyard of the mosque, but these must have been done away with and are no longer to be seen.

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A solitary grave is a grim reminder of unidentified graves in the courtyard of the mosque


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File: Afsarwala Tomb and mosque, near Humayun’s tomb. 1803 Painting.

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