Beauty Tips-The Natural Look (After 50.5 yrs.)


1. No need to use Eye Shadow and stuff. Dark circles around the eyes do the trick.

2. Save on Mascara. The eye lashes have disappeared.

3. No need to thread the eye brows. They are already pencil line slim giving the arched French aristocratic looks.

4. Facial contour has the Zero Size look by default- Hollowed cheeks resulting in high cheek bones.

5. Pout in the lips comes natural. A shrinking chin pushes the lips out.

6. No need to purchase the (fashionable and expensive), natural skin matching Lipstick. The facial skin and lips acquire a uniform shade.

7. Save on expensive Foundation, Compact and the new much advertised facial glow powder-the facial skin acquires a natural chalky-powdered look.

8. One acquires the Collar Bone showing look. That stubborn chubby fat in the region decides to leave finally.

9. Hip girdle shows up giving a model like gait owing to shrinking innards.

10. Eyes tend to look sparkly with the glazed glassy look of aged pupils.

11. If one has not acquired adipose tissue-then enjoy wearing all the so far undersized clothes once again.

12. If the adipose tissue has accumulated, then enjoy a wrinkle free skin and other “shapes” and forget Botox.

13. The always aspired for uniform, pearl like shiny teeth will soon be yours-Thanks to the Denture.

14. No needs to use Hair Spray, the hair tend to grizzle up into a Bouffant naturally.

15. No need to “Streak” hair, they acquire a naturally streaked look.

16. Stop faking a “Husky Voice” now. It will come naturally from now on.

17. Don’t worry about the facial expressions-the face turns into a mask of sorts after ageing and betrays no inner feelings.

18. One can have the ever smiling look. Every morning just adjust the wrinkles for an “all-day” happy look.

19. Alternatively, for obtaining several helping hands all day long, adjust the wrinkles into an innocent, helpless look.

20. No need to make an effort to wring out tears. Watering eyes will do the trick. Just dab them as and when required.

21. Not interested in certain remarks or conversations? Just pretend you are turning” hard of hearing”.

22. Begin to enjoy the wealthy Dowager factor – if you know what I mean. Deck yourself with all the diamonds and gold you had tucked away for years, in the Bank Locker. Don’t worry about being jeered about looking like a “Christmas Tree”. On the contrary, it will get you a lot of careful attention from all. 

23. Finally, begin to bask in the sunshine of 50+. Enjoy!


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