How did Babur die?

The circumstances leading to the death of Babur are curious.
It is stated that in 1530, Humayun fell sick and it was declared that there was no possibility of his survival. It was at this time that Babur is said to have walked three times round the bed of Humayun and prayed to God to transfer the disease of his son to him. And from that time onwards Humayun began to recover and the condition of Babur went from bed to worse and ultimately he breathed his last.
(It appears from the account of Gulbadan that Babur fell ill that very day and died soon after. But according to some historians, Babur was sickly for two or three months after the recovery of Humayun and some even claims that, the death of Babur was due to poison given to him by the mother of Ibrahim Lodhi.)
He died at age of 47 which is quite young age for person of his physique and capability as it has been said that he was incredibly strong and physically fit. As one of his exercises, he would carry two men, one on each of his shoulders, then run around and climb slopes. It is also believed that Babur swam through every major river in India, sometimes even against the current, so it is generally believed that he didn’t die a natural death rather was killed. It has been said that he was poisoned by mother of Ibrahim Lodi, whom he defeated in First Battle of Panipat. After becoming King he gave shelter to widow and mother of Ibrahim Lodi and to avenge death of his son she hatched plan to assassinate him.



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