Interesting Facts of History-Assorted (3)

i) Sultan Mahmud of Gujarat is exemplary in maintaining peaceful atmosphere in the seragalio, according to his rules any lady who laughed at or derided the other, both were killed.

ii) An interesting aspect of harem life of the Delhi Sultans was that, in order to strengthen their position, they established matrimonial relations with the royal family. Some significant examples are:

a) Daughter of Qutbuddin Aibak was married to Iltutmish;

b) A daughter of Iltutmish was married to Balban;

c) Altunia married Raziya;

d) Balban gave one of his daughters in marriage to Nasiruddin Mahmud;

e) A daughter of Malik Chajju was married to Kaiqubad;

f) A daughter of Kaiqubad was married to Alauddin Khalji;

g) A daughter of Sultan Jalaluddin Khalji was married to Alauddin Khalji;

h) A daughter of Alauddin Khalji was married to Ghiyasuddin Tughluq;

i) A daughter of Mubarak Khalji was married to Firozshah Tughluq and

j) A daughter of Sultan Muhammad of the Syed dynasty was married to Mahmud Sharqi.

iii) Ruknuddin (Son of Iltutmish and Brother of Razia Sultan) was arrested from Kilugarhi and was imprisoned and put to death in Nov. 1236 A.D. He had ruled for only six months and twenty eight days. Age at Death-25 years old.

iv) Nasiruddun Shah named after Father?

A man of pious disposition, Nasiruddin Mahmud (rule 1246-66) was a grandson of Iltutmish.

According to some experts, he was the youngest son of Iltutmish. He succeeded Alauddin Masud Shah to the throne of Slave Dynasty at the age of sixteen.

Nasiruddin Mahmud was ill-qualified to rule. A puppet in the hands of his courtiers, he was married to the daughter of Ghiyasuddin Balban, one of the leading Turkish nobles. In reciprocation to this Balban was appointed to the post of regent (naib-i-mamlakat) and was conferred with the title of Ulugh Khan (premier Khan) by the Sultan.

Except for a brief period (1253-55) when some nobles opposed to Balban instigated Nasiruddin to exile him, Balban was the de facto ruler of the Delhi Sultanate during the Sultan’s reign.

Nasiruddin Mahmud died in 1266. Since he had no male heirs, he designated Balban to be the Sultan. The fourteenth century historian Isami as well as African traveller Ibn Batuta clearly mention that Nasiruddin was murdered by Balban. However, Yayiha bin Ahmad Sarhindi does not accuse Balban of regicide and according to him, Nasiruddin Mahmud died a natural death.

At Sultangarhi – the grave of Nasrudin is venerated. Which Nasirudin? The warrior son of Iltutmish or the Grandson or youngest son of Illtutmish?

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