Maqbara Paik

A day well spent My heritage trip of Saturday-14 March 2015…………………………….

Maqbara Paik, Karnal by-pass, New Delhi

Wonder who this Paik was? All we know that he was a Paik (Messenger) in early Mughal times as the monument dates to Lodhi period.


Was this Paik special? Or did he pass away after delivering a very important message?

IMG01817-20150314-1242 Maqbara Paik

All said and done, if a tomb is built for a Paik (there were thousands) then he must be important.


The tomb has four perforations on all four sides of the tomb, that let in light to the crypt and also smaller perforations all long the narrow winding staircase leading to the top of the tomb to let in air and light perhaps.


But what is intriguing is that, now a days owing to restoration the floor of where the cenotaph might have been and same floor forming the roof of the crypt has been demolished by the restorers. As a consequence the crypt is fully illuminated with sunlight flooding in through the gaping hole that was one the roof.

The large solitary chadar covered grave of the Paik can be seen from the openings on all four sides.

Paiks grave is also venerated as one could see oil lamps (diyas) incense sticks and even a bundle of notes! tucked on the handle of the locked main door of the crypt!

No one dares to steal the bundle of notes, perhaps fearing the wrath of Paik’s rooh!!!

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