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We are all on our own platforms and planes and living in bubbles of our own life and environment. Our opinions and views can not be judged as, neither right nor wrong, because they are our own, justified and compatible to our life or scenario.

With this so called Face Book (or more aptly should be called Facet Book) we get a chance to portray that facet of our personality, which can be perhaps shared and also take a polite peep into those of others, with their permission, of course.

Come on now Folks, do not misconstrue, I do not mean that all humans are struck by schizophrenia but surely we all have facets to our personality. For example one is our Home facet; another is the office facet; “In front of Boss facet”; “With friend’s facet”; “In front of elders facet”, “In front of juniors’ facet” etc. etc.

Whilst dwelling in the FB Facet, some people fill the pages of the FB with voluminous texts, some like to just utter or type a monosyllabic and some like to just write a single word but stretch it, for e.g. Okaaaaaaaaaay!!!!. Some like to pop jokes, some write heavy stuff (may be in a subconscious attempt to impress the public or just share their bottled up thoughts). Some like to convey the news. Some wish to share, with a whole world of friends and some have a select few. They all are portraying a facet in their own right and remotely connecting to people.

Nothing right or wrong with that. But, never the less there is an art of reading between the lines, because these facets are not concrete masks, they vary in range from opaque to translucent to transparent. Opaque facets too can be read by shining a light behind them.

Of course, there are people too reserved and they do not want to make public any of their facets.

They do not inhabit the FB environment.

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