‘Nai-ka-Maqbara’ (in the fore ground)
Internet Photo

Barber’s Tomb or ‘Nai-ka-Maqbara’ as it is locally refered, is located in Humayun’s Tomb complex.

It stands on a platform on the south-east side of Humayun’s Tomb, which is not even 3 minutes away.

It is said that it was built for Emperor Humayun’s royal barber. Hence one can imagine how important that barber might have been in Humayun’s life, although, there is no mention of his name anywhere.

It is known that the individuals interred in the two graves present inside the tomb are of male & female respectively, but their identity is not clear.

No one knows who are buried inside this picturesque tomb of red and grey sand stone.

Is the tomb really of Emperor Humayun’s royal barber?

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