Roshnara Bagh

We all know the background of Roshnara Bagh.

But today I saw the ‘Mahal of Roshnara’ converted into a School-“Sarvoday Bal Vidyalaya” and perhaps put to right use, rather than to let ‘Mahal of Roshnara’ decay into oblivion.

The Punjabi Gate and Baradari of Roshnara where her grave is there, her pools and canal have all turned into a major garbage dumping ground. The path too is infested with n number of Rodent Burrows.

Wonder if Roshnara Club: (of British times-commenced in 1922) One of the most elite clubs in Delhi, has any semblance to its namesake Roshnara…..

Roshanara Garden is a Mughal-style garden built by Roshanara Begum, the second daughter of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Today the garden holds a white marble pavilion built in memory of the princess Roshanara, who died in 1671 and was buried there.



‘Mahal of Roshnara’ converted into a School-“Sarvoday Bal Vidyalaya”

Punjabi Gate

Baradari of Roshnara


Grave of Roshnara

Do read:

Shahzadi Roshanara Begum

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