Shah Alam’s Tomb and Bridge over Sahibi River-Wazirabad Delhi


Shah Alam was a famous saint who rose to prominence during the rule of Feroze Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. History says Shah Alam’s Tomb was erected by Feroze Shah Tughlaq himself after Shah Alam’s death.


This tomb is located at the crossing of Outer Ring Road and Loni Road in the locale of Wazirabad near the banks of Yamuna River. Adjoining the tomb of Shah Alam, there is a mosque with three domes.

Architecture of Shah Alam’s Tomb:

Shah Alam’s Tomb in Delhi stands as a symbol of homage to the famous saint of 14th century. The attraction of Shah Alam’s Tomb is the architectural splendor and intricate designs of the tomb.
• Besides the tomb of Shah Alam, there exists a mosque with three domes that rest on 12 pillars.


• There is a chamber for prayer which is sliced by five arches and is two-bay deep.
• A tiny chamber in the mosque, which was built for the use by women. (Previously I was informed by the priest there that the chamber was made by the Imam). The delicate and elaborate screens of the chamber are testimony to the structural perfection of the tomb and architectural beauty of the site.


• The square-shaped tomb of the saint was built in the courtyard of the mosque
• There is also a bridge with nine arches that was built over a nullah. The oldest bridge of Delhi, it was built of rubble so that it could resist Yamuna River’s water from entering the drain.The bridge Feroz Shah Tughlaq (1309-1388) built on the Yamuna at Wazirabad has been in use for over six centuries. The Yamuna no longer flows below it. Instead, filth and overgrown shrubs lie below. But the bridge still looks sturdy. With its arches, colonnades and screened windows, the bridge was an engineering marvel when it was built in the 14th century. With the Delhi Government building an ambitious overpass at Wazirabad—and that too a bit too close to the heritage structure—it’s not only the bridge but also the adjoining tomb of Sufi saint Shah Alam, a medieval mosque and a gallery for women devotees that are under threat.

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I had several hand clicked photos Shah Alam’s Tomb, intricately carved stone lattices of Women’s chamber in mosque and the bridge but lost them during formatting my computer. Hence all the photos are from Internet.


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