Sunheri Masjid (Near Qila i Mualla)

We all know the background of the Masjid.

Mazaar of Mai Sahab aka Shahzadi, at the back of Sunheri Masjid .

But what was intriguing, was that the old sweepress outside the Masjid, said: “do not forget to visit the Mazaar of Mai Sahab aka Shahzadi” !!! At the back of the Mosque there was a Mazaar. According to the mullah, that small mazaar behind the mosque marks Qudsia Begum’s grave !!! Wonder whose grave is it? It is a Ladies Mazaar, well venerated and it is believed that ‘Mai Sahab’ fulfills wishes if visited every Friday for 7 Fridays. So, on the 7th Friday we have to ‘chadao a chador’.

Sunehri Masjid

One of three mosques called Sunehri Masjid, ‘golden mosque’, this small mosque stands near the Delhi gate of Red Fort. It was constructed in 1751 during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Ahmad Shah. The persons responsible for its construction were Qudsia Begam, the mother of the emperor and the real power behind the throne; and her trusted courtier Javed Khan. This mosque was used mainly by the Mughal royal family, and after the suppression of the Revolt of 1857, passed into Army control, together with the Red Fort and the area around it. The structure gets its name from the fact that originally its three domes were covered with copper gilt mounted on a wooden base. Since these had become much weathered and worn, Bahadur Shah II in 1852 had the domes repaired in sandstone instead.

Nawab Ahmad Bakhsh Khan, father of the Nawab of Firozpur, repaired the mosque to benefit the neighborhood. Not long after its renovation, Nawab Ahmad Bakhsh Khan was attacked by an infuriated elephant while out with his son. His horse was killed in the attack, and his vehicle was destroyed. The Nawab and his son were only saved from death by taking refuge inside this mosque.

Images:                                                                                                      IMG01948-20150328-1453 Sunheri Masjid


The gate to Sunheri Masjid

Mazaar of Mai Sahab aka Shahzadi, at the back of the Mosque

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